Fall 2022 Orientation Schedule

Orientation Schedule Fall 2021

This the the brief tentative schedule for Fall 2021. Please download the app for an updated schedule and additional details for each event.



Traveling to Acadia University

"Travellers entering Canada and Nova Scotia are subject to rules and regulations put forth by the Federal Government of Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Government of Nova Scotia, and Nova Scotia Public Health. The rules and regulations may vary from traveller to traveller and are largely based on your citizenship status and origin of travel." Check this website regularly for up-to-date travelling information.



Acadia's Vaccine Policy and Approach

Find out more information on Acadia Vaccination Approach Here!



International Student Arrival

As a result of COVID-19, information about traveling for international students are always changing. Please check this website frequently for the appropriate updates.



Move-in Checklist

This checklist will guide you through your packing process. For student who do not have the capacity to bring all their items, there will be a shopping trip happening during orientation, and there are also stores in the nearby area to purchase items.


Move-in Day Information

Before arriving, please check this website for correct move-in day information.