What is orientation, and why is orientation important?


What is orientation, and why is orientation important?

Orientation is a very important part of your university career that marks the beginning of a new journey. Orientation aims to provide students with helpful information as they embark on their studies at Acadia. During orientation students will learn vital information about community living, academic success, and campus resources. Students will also begin to build relationships with other members of the Acadia community and meet their mentors. Orientation days will consist of a mix of different fun-filled events, educational sessions, and social events.


When is residence move-in day?

Move-in day is September 3rd, 2022. For more information about moving into residence select here.

When is orientation?

September 3rd: New Student Move-in (domestic and international students)

September 4th - 6th: Orientation events and activities (download the Acadia Guidebook app for more information)

September 7th: First Day of Classes

Will orientation be in-person or online?

Orientation will take place in person. It is a great opportunity to make new friends and long-lasting memories!

Remember to register for orientation and download the guidebook app to stay updated about this!

Does orientation cost money?

Orientation at Acadia is free; however, there are a few events that do require a small entry fee. There is also an option to purchase an O-week pack or Axe pack. These packs are filled with Acadia Swag and other fun items.

Is orientation mandatory?

Orientation is not mandatory; however, it is highly recommended that all new students attend and participate in orientation. New student orientation will provide all the essential information students need to begin university with a solid foundation.

Can off-campus/ international students participate in orientation?

Yes! All new students are encouraged to participate in orientation week.

Why do I need to pre-register for orientation?

Pre-registering for orientation online allows you to be placed into your program-based orientation groups, provides you with important orientation information, and raises the chances of getting your shirt size. Most importantly, it allows us to know how many people are coming to Acadia, so we can better prepare for your arrival!

How do I pre-register for orientation?

To register for orientation, you will need to access your Acadia Office 365 email account. You can do so by following these instructions for android devices or IOS devices.

To register for orientation, select here! You will be required to sign in with your Acadia credentials to access the register. You can also use the QR code located on the first page. Scan it with your phone camera and answer the registration questions to get registered!


Do I need to register for events?

During orientation, you will not need to register for events. There will be several events happening at the same time, so students will have options to choose from. It is important to note that when an event space has reached maximum capacity students will be asked to attend another event. Additionally, though most of the events are free, there will be a few events that will require an entry fee.

Though you do not need to register for events, it is highly recommended that all students register for orientation.

What is the pre-orientation course?

The New Student pre-orientation course is an educational course that prepares all new students for life at Acadia University. The course is filled with essential information about the important resources at Acadia. It also contains information that will guide you through living in a diverse community, financial issues, and taking care of your health. This pre-orientation course will be on your Acorn page and accessible throughout your time at Acadia.

How do I access the pre-orientation course?

The pre-orientation course can be accessed through Acadia’s Acorn. Sign into Acorn using your Acadia email and your password, and the pre-orientation course will be found on your dashboard.

What is a New Student Mentor? How will I meet my New Student Mentor?

All new students participating in orientation will be assigned a New Student Mentor (NSM). A New Student Mentor (NSM) is an upper-year returning student who will be paired with students based on similar programs of study. NSMs will support students by building excitement during orientation, guiding students around campus, answering questions, and pointing students to the correct resources and services they need. All new students will meet their New Student Mentor on the first day of orientation activities. Please check the schedule for more information.

New Student Mentors will be available to support new students for the first 6 weeks of the Fall Semester if you would like. Please register for the orientation and let us know if you would like your New Student Mentor to continue checking in and meeting with you for the first 6 weeks of the Fall Semester!


How is my orientation group decided?

Orientation groups are divided up by faculty and department programs. Some smaller programs are partnered up together.

What is my Acadia ID?

Your Acadia ID is a nine-digit number Acadia assigns to each student (i.e.100123456).

What is my Acadia email and password?

Your Acadia email is the last six digits of your Acadia ID (i.e.123456) and the first letter in your last name.


Student Name: Jane Doe

Student ID: 100123456

Username: 123456d

Student Email: 123456d@acadiau.ca

You can find more information on password creation and network Navigation here.

Where can I find information about orientation or resources at Acadia?

More information can be found using the Guidebook App! To download the App, click here. You can also find more information on the Acadia Website, the Acadia official social media accounts, and the Acadia Student’s Union (ASU) social media accounts.