Off-Campus First Year Students

Hello & Welcome to Acadia!

Are you coming to Acadia and living off-campus?

Not to worry! You are still involved in all of our events! Off-Campus first years will be paired with Eaton/Christofor/ROJO!

Despite being a predominantly residential university, our focus on off-campus students is no less important to us. Being able to bring all of our first-years together no matter where you live is a crucial step toward a positive introductory experience and a strong sense of community for everyone.

The engagement of off-campus first year students with on campus students will be an essential part of integrating and welcoming them to the Acadia community. This is why we partner them with another residence and encourage them to participate and engage with all of the same experiences.

What Do I do on Move-in Day?

If you are living off-campus, please head to Eaton/Christofor House anytime between 9am - 1pm. Look for a student leader who will give you a welcome week shirt!

You also still need an Acadia Student ID card to access certain classrooms, events, and buildings! Please head to Fountain Commons anytime between 9am - 4pm.

You can also check out our Guide to living Off-Campus ... coming soon!

        Welcome to your  Homebase!

The Clark Commons building will be used as a home base for Orientation Week. Your leaders and staff will chat with you and guide you as needed. The home-base is a close go-to-place to unwind until next event. Clark Commons is right beside Eaton/Christofor House. 

Look forward to seeing you around in the FALL!